The evolution of terminal industry

As an important component of system engineering, the terminal is an accessory product for realizing electrical connection. Today, the terminal expert of lianjie electric company will tell the development and evolution of the terminal.

In 1982, phoenix electric invented the world's first modular terminal, which has been the prototype of the modern terminal ever since. It is also the first invention patent applied and obtained by phoenix electric company. Phoenix has since maintained innovation in terminals, many of which have become industry standards.

With the development of the electronic industry, there are more and more kinds of terminals, which can be divided into European terminal series, plug-in terminal series, fence terminal series, spring terminal series, track terminal series, wall penetrating terminal series and so on.

In the face of the development of The Times, the new technology of electrical products is more and more demanding, so there is the introduction of new technology of piercing insert reflux. It has the following advantages: l abolishes local immersion soldering or pressing. L is fully compatible with surface packaging technology. L can be fully integrated into the automated installation process. No additional space is required in the production workshop. L usually no additional investment fee is required. With this technology, a series of SMC(surface mount compatibility) manufacturing processes are developed, as well as a series of terminal THT made of high temperature insulation material (LCP). It can also provide reel packaging with positioning hole to meet the requirement of automatic assembly.

As the terminal plays an important role in the operation of the machine, the terminal must meet certain standards in order to avoid the occurrence of safety accidents.