The development trend of terminals

As countries of the deepening of industrialization, industrial products industry is developing rapidly, electronics, communication field increase at the same time, the electronic components industry to develop rapidly, leading to the development of the industry terminals, virtually, terminal industry staged a no war of "smoke", its consequences lead to some small terminal brand in the intense international competition was "killing".

If we want to get rid of the passive situation, we need to break through the traditional framework of terminal enterprises. To run a real terminal enterprise, we need to focus on benefits, efficiency, cost and management, follow the development rules of terminal industry, break through the constraints of traditional terminal framework, and carry out radical reform of enterprise system, mechanism, control mode and organization. According to the requirements of "accurate positioning, clear functions, strong management and control, precise and efficient", break through the traditional marketing mode of the terminal industry.

We should break through the mindset of duanzi enterprises. Change the concept, improve the awareness of the necessity and urgency of structural adjustment of employees in enterprises, change "I need to adjust" to "I need to adjust". Some terminal enterprise employees have deep-rooted "traditional" ideas and lack of consciousness of competition and crisis. Re-examine all kinds of production factors, and re-create new competitive advantages through structural adjustment of terminal enterprises.

It is also necessary to break the profit limitation of terminal enterprises. Terminal enterprises not only to make themselves stronger by structure adjustment, but also to play to the terminal vanguard role in the industry, the optimization of industrial structure, terminal implementation "to" capacity, to scientific and technological innovation to promote industrial upgrading terminals, energy conservation and emissions reduction, low carbon economy development, promote the harmony between man and nature, and promote the coordinated development of economy and society, "go out" to participate in the global allocation of resources, etc, to make due contributions.

Can be used to refer to a large number of patent document the terminals of the technological progress and system is introduced, through detailed investigation and authoritative technical data and related information collection, provide the customers with the terminal product core technology application situation, technology research and development, form a complete set of processing equipment, high-end technology application aspects of information, for enterprise to understand all kinds of terminal products production technology and its development condition is very good.

It is very important for enterprises to understand the development trend, process equipment, technology application and trend of core technologies of terminal production at home and abroad to improve product technical specifications and market competitiveness.