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Terminal development trends
Published:2013/9/7 10:05:05    Views:130882

With the deepening of national industrialization, industrial products industry rapid development of electron, communication, and promote rapid development, the electronic components industry, and then drive the development, the terminal industry intangible, terminal has staged a "no war", the consequences of some small terminal brands were "slaughtered in the intense international competition".
If you want from the passive situation of being beaten to break through the traditional framework of terminal business. Do terminal enterprises really, must speak benefit, efficiency, cost, management, in accordance with the laws of the terminal industry development to work, to break the bondage of traditional frame terminal, to make snap reform of enterprise system, management mode, organization. According to the "accurate positioning, clear, powerful functions, efficient management" requirements, the traditional marketing mode terminal industry breakthrough.
To break through the terminal business thinking. Change ideas, improve enterprise employees the necessity of structural adjustment and the urgency of understanding, change "to me" to "I want to adjust", some terminal enterprise workers "traditional" idea ingrained, lack of competitive consciousness and crisis consciousness; re examines the various factors of production, through the terminal enterprise structure adjustment, reconstruction competitive advantage.
To break the interests of Enterprises Limited terminals. The terminal not only through structural adjustment to make their own powerful, but also to play a vanguard role in the industry in the terminal, the terminal, to realize industrial structure optimization "capacity", scientific and technological innovation to promote terminal industrial upgrading, energy-saving emission reduction low-carbon economic development, promote the harmonious coexistence of man and nature, and promote economic and the coordinated development of society, the "going out" to participate in the global resource allocation, and make due contribution.
Can do system through technology progress of reference to a large number of patent literature on the terminal is introduced, through detailed investigation and authoritative technical information and related information collection, provides multi terminal product application status, the core technology R & D, process equipment, high-end technology application information for customers, for enterprises to understand the various types the terminal products production technology and its development is very useful.
Understand the development trend, domestic and international terminal production core technology equipment, technology application and trend for enterprises to improve product technical specifications, improve market competitiveness is the key to the current problem, this is Ningbo Gaosheng electronic attention.
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